Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Showcase Time!

When I'm not researching historical tomes for this blog I carve rocks. I carve rocks from everywhere and I carve any kind of stone and I'll carve absolutely any design. 

These are all carved by hand using a variety of tools, from hard edged engraving tools to diamond tipped rotaries -  however the technique demands artistic capability. The first stone I ever carved over twenty years ago took me about a day, for a wee pendant. experience is the greatest teacher - but I'm a human not a robot, and therefore I'm constrained by the amount I can physically manage to carve in a day.

Enough said. At some point I intend to elaborate upon the process, but for the moment please feast your eyes on some previous samples of my work... the tip of the iceberg so to speak. 

Celtic Dog Design

This was a piece that I carved in 2011 for an exhibition of my work at a craft centre near Oyne, Aberdeenshire.

Another detailed piece carved with a metal screw-driver. The stone is fairly soft and works well but you have to find good pieces that don't fracture. This type of stone is a sort of shale or mudstone. It's like pressed clay and though suitable for large paper-weights it's no good for pendants.

Detail of the above stone. I took the design from George Bain's Celtic Art book but I think the original is from the book of Kells.

Pictish horseman supping mead from a decorated drinking horn.

Another showpiece. 

A wee Selection of Stone pendents that I carved when I lived on the island of Santorini - Mostly Mycenaean designs. that's volcanic material right there and tough as hell!

Detail of the Dog.

Pendent detail... yes they come with cord!

A tiny selection of pendants... no two the same!

Stone Mad Crafts will be up and running this year.  I am based in Italy. I can post stones to any location and, as stated, I can carve any design. I'm thinking of starting an online shop, though the only problem is that each piece is different, so to place sample pictures may be misleading... but I'm working around it. 

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