Thursday, September 22, 2016

Erynn Rowan Laurie

A short post this week  -  I thought to promote the work of an American writer who is living and working in Trieste. Erynn Rowan Laurie is a poetess and historian who practices Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism. She’s written a number of books and numerous articles in a career stretching back decades. When I re-read the articles in 'The Well Of Five Streams' it made me realise that in these blogs I’m only pawing the surface. Erynn goes into great depth on numerous topics and her research is meticulous and thoughtful. In fact, in mentioning that particular tome I’d just like to quote a paragraph. I think she sums up a lot in this:

“Too many modern people have been looking for something in druids and druidry which cannot be known. It has been so filled with speculation-become-certainty that far too many people speak of druidic beliefs, mores,  and opinions as if they were obvious, plain, and commonplace rather than as palimpsest of such various accretions as environmentalism, Freemasonry, and ideas drawn from (largely discredited) Indo-European structuralist assumptions that may have little or no bearing on the ancient realities, insofar as these can be known.”

Actually 'The Well Of Five Streams' is a great place to introduce yourself to Erynn’s writing. In this hefty volume she covers topics as diverse as the Geilta, the mad bird figures of Celtic myth, or the Fili and the cauldron of poetic inspiration. There are also a number of insightful interviews Erynn has given through the years. In short the book is a wealth of information and Erynn binds poetry and good writing around the vast corpus of her understanding and knowledge. 

Erynn's Blog and books can be found Here

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